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Skin Scare

Hello my beautifuls! What’s going on? I want to share with you a little skin breakthrough I had today:

So I’ve been having LOTS of trouble with my skin lately. I’ve been getting tons of pimples (more than the usual that-time-of-the-month breakout,) the pores on my cheeks and forehead are clogged (I cleanse, moisturize, remove makeup daily & do a deep cleansing mask twice a week,) and my skin is SUPER dry! I’ve tried EVERYTHING. New cleansers, acne treatments, facials, and yet my skin just won’t seem to cooperate!! So what’s up? Am I allergic to a product I’m using? Is it just the change in weather? Is it because I’m getting older? Nope. It is actually something much more simpler than that. Think about this: how often do you clean your makeup brushes? If the answer is never, consider this: would you brush your teeth with a dirty toothbrush everyday? Read this awesome article I found on the Sephora blog & prepare to be amazed!



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